Silver Gold plated Rosette Sprouting leaf stud earrings with diamond displayed in pavement cracks

Carbon Footprint

Alex Monroe has always been committed to working ethically and sourcing materials with as little impact on the environment as possible. Our proactive approach to sustainability is integral to the creation of our jewellery. This is why we’ve taken ownership of our carbon footprint and are on a mission to reduce our emissions year on year.

silver earrings getting made in alex monroes workshop


We hope that by being transparent in listing elements of our Carbon Footprint, our customers can feel more informed in their purchasing decisions. So we’ve counted every gram of CO2 emitted by making our jewellery, with the eventual aim to share the carbon footprint of each piece.

According to the experts, we’re already doing a good job. Although our numbers aren’t bad, we’re going to improve them by reducing our footprint year on year. That means working with our suppliers to make changes that have a more positive impact on us and the planet.

humble beginnings necklace being worked on in alex monroes workshop

Lowering Our Carbon Footprint

The term ‘Carbon Neutral' often means that any CO2 released into the atmosphere from a company’s activities is balanced by an equivalent amount being ‘removed’ or off-set. We would rather focus on lowering the emissions we make in the first place, than paying for them to be balanced out elsewhere.

humble beginnings necklace being worked on in alex monroes workshop
silver ring getting made in alex monroes workshop

Truthful Sustainability

At Alex Monroe, we of course love Jewellery, but we have to be honest - it is often not a very sustainable business to be in.We want to be super clear about what we are doing to be more sustainable, and we always want to do better. Our first step towards this is transparency, and giving our customers the facts to be confident in their purchase.

humble beginnings necklace being worked on in alex monroes workshop

The Metrics

Let’s take one piece of our jewellery, a Bumblebee Necklace emits 3.97kg of CO2, the same amount of carbon as it would take to produce 1.07 English breakfasts. Calculating our entire carbon footprint means we’ve also measured other areas of our business, such as running our Boutiques. Our Covent Garden Boutique had a carbon footprint of 113kg for the year of 2021, that’s the same as staying just 8.2 nights in a hotel.

humble beginnings necklace being worked on in alex monroes workshop
silver gold plated earrings getting made in alex monroes workshop

Looking Ahead

Measuring our carbon footprint is the first step - we’re not going to stop here. Our aim is to reach net-zero emissions by 2030. That’s why we are working with ecollective and our suppliers to measure and reduce our footprint. By making small but effective changes we’re going to reduce the carbon footprint of your jewellery year on year, at no cost to you or the quality of our products

Ecollective have helped us measure and improve our carbon footprint. Calculating your own carbon footprint can be a little complex - almost everything we do in our day to day lives adds to our footprint. Carbon calculations are never perfect but our aim is to make our measurements as accurate as possible in order to help us reduce them. We’re constantly improving our data with the most up-to-date numbers as carbon research and knowledge improves, this means that the numbers can change over time.